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Metallileka - Ääni ja Vimma 2014

Metallileka is a melodic heavy metal band from Western Finland. Metallileka's music includes striking metal riffs, melodies and Finnish storytelling.

Metallileka was founded by Jani (guitar) at 2009 as Jani's studio project. At 2011 Metallileka had grown to a four-member band, when Kasperi (vocals,keys), Teemu (drums) and Juho (bass,growling) joined the band. The band was ready to leave the studio and it was time to climb up to stages! Members are still young, but the band has reached a respectable age 14 years, 11 months, 13 days!! The boys have formed a close band and a group of friends!

Metallileka has progressed very clear own musical style. Every member in band participates in singing. Combination of different vocal styles is one of the strongest characteristic for the band. Nowadays all members take part in composing.

Metallileka's setlist consist mostly of band's own songs. The setlist includes few cover songs too, which have adapted just like any other Metallileka's songs (e.g. master composer Tuomas Holopainen's song called Satojen Merien Näkijä).

22.11.2014 Metallileka won legendary Marrasrock-competition in Ilmajoki. The competition has been organized since the 1980s. When the band attended the competition, the winning was not the most important thing. Primarily they wanted to have a bash of their new song Weriviha in live. The song worked better than anyone could even expect. After the winning the decision, to release the digital single in professional within, was confirmed.